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As a psychotherapist, you’re well aware of the conscious and the subconscious minds. You regularly use your knowledge of how the two interact in order to help your patients find more fulfillment in their lives.

What you may be less aware of, however, is how they are affecting your own life. In particular, how they could be sabotaging your career…

Many clients come to me and ask, “What if I’m not good enough to become an online coach? Is online coaching something I could ever really succeed at?” These ladies think that they’re simply struggling with a conscious fear of failure. They want success in their coaching businesses, but they worry that they won’t be able to attain it.

Sometimes they say that they cannot succeed at online coaching because they are “no good” at technology (Girl, if you can tackle the toughest mental health cases, you can work through a program!), or because they “don’t know anything” about running a business (That’s what I’m here for!).

What these typically-confident, incredibly well-educated women tend to realize upon deeper digging, though, is that they’re really struggling with another fear: one been insidiously sneaking into their subconscious minds over the entire duration of their careers.

Fear of success!

It’s only natural to begin to subconsciously associate success with overwhelm and stress after years of experience in the mental health field. This holds true even for very successful psychotherapists. In fact, subconscious fears of success tend to grow stronger with career success! Promotions, awards, and a thriving, busy private practice all tend to mean more hours, more work, and more stress… Thus, your inner voice may start to whisper “No…” to the idea of owning your own online coaching business in expectation of more of the same.

Another reason many women fear succeeding in founding their own coaching businesses is that it often means leaving their current careers behind. While many will tell you that they can’t wait for the ink to dry on their resignations, the truth is that there is almost always a nagging feeling of resistance, as well.

Striking out alone can be scary!

At least, I felt that way…

I was in the mental health field for over 14 years. I worked myself up the ladder into a leadership position as an Assistant Vice President to a top agency in my area. The salary was better than any I’d ever had before, the position was nice, and my job served as a major part of my self-identity. It was, understandably, a great source of pride in my life.

Through my hard work and dedication, I had earned my bosses’ respect. They trusted me, and to leave that trust (and the admiration of my coworkers for having earned it) behind to enter the world of online coaching- where no one knew the work ethics and integrity that had earned me so much status in the first place- was bittersweet.

Not to mention, many members of the psychotherapy field have a tendency to look down on coaches as ‘fake’ therapists, so I feared that even if I were to succeed as an online coach, telling my coworkers about my new business venture would cause colleagues I’d always admired to lose respect for me… forever.

I felt so vulnerable stripping away the admiration, respect, and the comfort zone that comes with archetypical ‘success’ I’d grown accustomed to, and setting out with a blank slate as an online business coach! Of course, all of those things came back to me tenfold as I began to carve my new space in the coaching industry, and they will for you too!

What’s really blocking you from succeeding in your online coaching business?

I can help you figure it out! Let’s come to a solution together. I took this journey alone so that you don’t need to.

In fact, I’d like to personally invite you to uplevel your career as an online coach alongside 11 to 14 other like-minded, uplifting ladies in a fun, thorough, and effective group training.

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