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You’ve probably already heard about my Mastermind Group Program (if you haven’t, you’ll want to. Read about it here: ). In it, I empower my clients to work smarter, not harder. I focus a little less on the beginner basics of building your own coaching business (such as choosing a niche, building your coaching package, or working past limiting beliefs) and more on putting the finishing touches on your coaching venture. This program will be more on advanced marketing strategies, increasing their monthly revenue, business leadership/CEO role, taking their business to the next level.

Many steps to doing this are technically tasks that it is possible to do manually, I suppose. However, automating when and where you can is really key to freeing up the time and mental space you need to work as a cool, calm, collected CEO rather than a frazzled one-woman show!  When automation works smoothly, it saves you energy, time, and money, too. What entrepreneur doesn’t need an endless amount of all three?! That’s why I want to share with you 3 business systems that you should absolutely be automating in your coaching business!

1) Your Appointment Calendar

A common concern I hear from clients who are just starting their transition from private practice to coaching (or who are trying to do a little bit of both) is that they miss out on leads for clients by not being able to respond to their phone or e-mail in a timely manner. That makes sense. After all, it’s impossible to take a sales call when you’re already engaged in another client’s therapy session!

This scenario can be a little bit discouraging, but it actually has a pretty simple fix: automating your calendar system! There are a few different options on the market, but personally, I use Acuity Scheduling and it has been a blessing.

It integrates with my Facebook ads, as well as all of my other calendars on my iPhone and my Macbook. I schedule my time out in blocks with a designated space for each kind of appointment. For example, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 to 2 might be reserved for 1 on 1 VIP calls, while Tuesdays and Fridays at the same time serve as standbys for clients who come to me through my latest webinar funnel. Acuity also allows me to designate ‘blocked’ or ‘downtime’ space for when I need to focus on priorities besides my business (such as a break in the day to spend time with my family!).

Clients see the times that I am available and choose one that works for their schedules, too. They submit their selection, and it’s done! No back and forth. No phone tag. No stress! The appointment appears in my personal calendar, which I can then check first thing each morning to plan my day with ease. Acuity will even send my clients reminders as the appointment draws near, which helps to cut back on no-shows and wasted time.

2) Your Marketing

Make Your Webinars Work For You

Live webinars are an excellent way to engage with your niche, but it just isn’t feasible to do one every day. Fortunately, if you keep the topic general enough (or simply remove any sections that are time-sensitive) you can easily use your previously live webinars as prerecorded evergreen webinars perfect for serving as the start of a funnel. Just add a call to action to schedule a sales call or purchase your online course at the end, and done! You’ve got a high-quality, personalized, automated marketing tool that you’re free to turn on and off as needed, according to your availability.

Engage More Clients through E-mail

E-mail outreach may sound outdated- especially when social media marketing is having a bit of a heyday right now. However, keeping e-mail marketing in your toolkit is actually one of the wisest business decisions you could possibly make.

Sure, it’s still important to market your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter but at the end of the day you are not in control of those platforms. And when it comes to your business? You want to be in control. Just think, if your the social media platform your business thrives on most decided to shut down forever, you’d lose access to your list of followers! In such a situation, how would you reach the leads you’ve been working on building a relationship with for so long?

The answer is your mailing list!  

This is just one of the reasons why a great customer relationship management system (CRM) (such as MailChimp or Aweber) isn’t optional in the age of digital marketing – even as social media marketing and influencer marketing grow in popularity! So, start regularly providing your followers the opportunity to opt into your mailing list voluntarily by providing their name and e-mail. Then, begin scheduling those engagements away from social media!  

Feeling uncertain about automating your newsletters or mailers? Think it’s impossible to do so and still keep them ‘current’. Don’t.

It’s true that newsletters are intended to include well, news, which is typically time-sensitive. However, that doesn’t make it impossible to automate your e-mail marketing system and preschedule mailers and e-mails out weeks in advance! This is especially true if you’ve been thinking like a CEO and planning your business in terms of months, not days! If you know where your coaching business is going, you’ll be able to tell clients where it’s at with content made months in advance!

So, start easy by planning your mailers out a week in advance… then 2.. .then 3. Before you know it, what once seemed a little bit overwhelming will become a built-in way to facilitate growth in your business and consistently boost your cash flow.

3)Consistency in Your Branding

Whether you’re wanting a professional-looking LinkedIn header or some great graphics to include in your new e-mail mailer, keeping your branding consistent with good design across platforms is critical to your credibility. After all, if a life coach isn’t careful about how she presents herself, why would you ever trust her to help you reinvent yourself?

You don’t necessarily need a full-blown branding consultant or graphic design guru to get started, though. A simple beginner-friendly site like Canva can help you do it on your own (at least to start). I personally use Canva for work to keep my color scheme, fonts, and logos all ready to incorporate into any of their premade templates in an instant. What’s more, Canva automatically switches the size and format of my creations in an instant to suit different platforms and uses. It’s made creating presentations, mailers, social media posts, and so much faster, easier, and even more fun!

Putting All this Coaching Business Automation Together

Honestly? It took me some time to get the hang of building a business system where my landing page, opt-in page, funnels, and e-mail system all worked effectively together. There are just so many options on the market, and, sadly, not all of them work efficiently together. So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed… don’t! It’s only natural.

Advanced marketing is NOT something that was covered in any of my undergrad or masters courses, and I’m willing to wager it wasn’t brought up in yours, as well!

That’s okay. Knowing everything you need to do is one thing – knowing WHEN to implement it all is another altogether. The good news is that you don’t have to do everything at once.

You don’t have to do it alone, either! I’m here to help. Every coaching business goes through unique phases in its development, and I want to meet you where you’re at in yours. I offer a variety of ways we can work together – whether you’re in the early stages of determining your niche clientele or in the late stages of learning about lead generation!


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