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According to Jim Rohn, author of The Keys to Success, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  What happens when you leave the traditional business setting in favor of becoming a coach, though? What happens when- besides your clients, of course- you don’t surround yourself with much of anyone besides your barista on a ‘typical day’?

After all, working from home definitely has its perks, but it just doesn’t provide much in the way of a support system. As a coach, you primarily work alone. There are no coworkers, no carpool buddies, and (usually) few to no professional organizations to join and attend events with.

If a coach has a supportive family, is that enough?


You may have the most encouraging, supportive group of friends and family ever known. You may have regular family dinners that include even extended family….Everyone in your inner circle may always be on best behavior and each person may make a real effort to be positive and uplifting to one another.

If you’re part of such a utopian circle, congratulations, but it still isn’t enough.

This kind of personal support system is equally important to the professional one you left behind when you abandoned the traditional business setting and the coworkers that come with it….

But –  if,

A)You’re a summation of the five people you spend the most time around


B) You only ever spend time with your friends and family (none of which have ever owned a business, worked as a therapist/coach, or strived to live a lifestyle that doesn’t include the classic 9 to 5).

You probably can’t even say that fellow entrepreneurs even make your top ten… let alone that you interact with any on a weekly basis.

And in which case, how in the world can you ever expect to embody the successful, knowledgeable, goal oriented CEO you’re busy striving to be?

If you’re not including like-minded, business-oriented entrepreneurs in your inner circle, you’re selling yourself short as a coach.

The flexibility of coaching is a major component of the industry’s appeal, but (in my professional opinion), it really should be mandatory that coaches build themselves a support system of true peers who ‘get’ the entrepreneurial world and mindset.

Obviously, face to face interactions offer benefits that digital communication doesn’t, but whether it’s local or online, interaction with women who are going through (or who have gone through) the same things you are provides the spark of inspiration that your friends and family simply can’t. And having someone knowledgeable in coaching and small business to bounce ideas off of is vital if you want to keep your creative energy at its best.

Sadly, as things stand, if you’re making any effort to expand your circle this way, then you’re going above and beyond for your coaching business in a way many coaches don’t bother with. If you haven’t made any effort to bring entrepreneurial minds into your inner circle –

Here are 3 easy ways to start surrounding yourself with the right people in coaching:

Start Searching

I can’t promise that logging into Meetup once or just making a quick check with your local city of commerce will be the end of your struggle with loneliness as an entrepreneur… but it is a great place to start. You may find that your area already has a small business network you can join. (If it doesn’t, maybe you will be the person to start one.)

Go Social

Facebook & LinkedIn can also be particularly useful for this. Not only do they offer tons of choices in terms of digital support “groups”, but many of those groups actually do weekly or bimonthly meetups for their members to network and socialize. Facebook even has its own app called Local that you can use to keep an eye out for small business owner-oriented events in your area and many LinkedIn users use the platform to promote similar events, as well.

Call Another Coach

Consider taking a page from your own book! Do you offer Mastermind or group coaching services in your own business model? Maybe it’s time to practice what you preach and join some yourself. After all, it’s never a mistake to invest in your individual growth and it’s totally normal to need some extra support when switching from a work model where you have a brick and mortar private practice office you see clients at (which may not even be yours alone) to an online model where you’re having to constantly consider the needs of the business in addition to those of your clients!

Personally, I met some of my closest entrepreneur friends this way, and we still enjoy regular mastermind calls where we offer each other support and help each other to problem solve new challenges in our businesses! Having this inner sanctum of supportive friends with similar goals has been a blessing for all of us.

I’m Here to Help Coaches Like YOU Connect!

My Mastermind Group Program is designed for a small group, just 12 to 15 people, so that everybody gets personal help and attention from me and my team. Together, we create a sense of community,

The Mastermind Group Program uses weekly video conferencing calls to train in some of the most important aspects of building a coaching business. There will also be a group retreat, a one-time live event where we all gather together so you can put the finishing touches on your coaching venture!

Not only will you come out of the program with a lead generation system, automated marketing funnel, and consistent brand, but you could also come out with close coaching connections that last a lifetime!

Sign up for the waitlist today, and see the difference that coaching services for coaches can make for your business!


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