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Gratitude is for more than the Thanksgiving dinner table! It needs to be instrumental in your daily life if you’re serious about becoming an online coach!  

The Benefits of Being A Grateful Coach

Studies have shown that people who are grateful are happier, and therefore, more productive. Specifically, taking time out weekly to .acknowledge all of the things in your life that are already good boosts your self-esteem- something that has long been linked to improved professional performance! Grateful people are less likely to be depressed. They also achieve more, because they have more energy, more enthusiasm, and more determination (all things you’re going to need tons of to become a killer CEO and online coach).

Studies show that people who are mindfully thankful experience better sleep, better physical health, and less stress! According to researchers at Harvard Business School, gratitude creates a positive feedback loop: it’s an easy-to-maintain habit that actually magnifies your happiness over time!

As you can see, the list of benefits is nearly endless, but how can you incorporate gratitude in your already busy lifestyle? Building an online coaching business from the ground up takes a lot of time, right? 

How Online Coaches Can Make Time to Be Grateful

Count Your Blessings, Coach

One of the most popular ways for online coaches and other business professionals to leverage gratitude to their businesses’ benefit is to start journaling.

Taking just 5 minutes a day to write down the things that are going right- in your business as an online coach or your personal life- is enough to make a difference. (When you’re just beginning, it’s helpful to choose an easy number of things to list-such as 2 or 3!)

If you’re not a writer, you could consider incorporating the practice into a bullet journaling framework. Mentally evaluating your blessings is also effective. The point here is not just to do it, but to feel good when you do it. That won’t happen if you’re just forcing yourself into a habit you hate because you think you have to in order to see success in your online coaching business. You’ve got to mean it – enjoy it, even!

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Make it a Routine

Once you get started, you might find that its easier to make gratitude a priority at one time of day than another… Personally, I prefer to take a few moments to meditate on 3 things that I’m grateful for before my feet ever hit the floor in the morning. It leaves me with a more positive attitude and a healthier mindset to take on the day. It may be more convenient for you to count your blessings as you go about your bedtime routine.

Be a More Benevolent Leader

Taking a few minutes to thank your team for all the hard work they do to keep your online coaching business thriving is highly effective, too. As an added bonus, research has shown that when managers take time to express their gratitude, they not only encourage their teams to work harder, but they also become more resilient to experiencing burn out themselves.

Of course, you can do this with a grand gesture if you’d like but simply making gratitude a key value in your online coaching business model works better. Prioritize genuinely thanking at least one employee daily and see the difference!

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Need Help Staying Accountable?

Starting a new habit is hard to do under any circumstances. It can be especially difficult to remain consistent with gratitude you’re so busy dealing with big life changes… like leaving psychotherapy to become an online coach! Thankfully, you’ve got an all-access pass to the support you need, right at your fingertips.

Whether it’s simply keeping your mindset positive overall or planning more detailed aspects of your online coaching business, I can help! Follow me on social media or see a list of my services to get started.


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