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Time and time again, the world’s most powerful CEOs are asked the same questions: “To what do you attribute your success?” “How do you maintain balance in your life despite being a busy business owner?” “What does an average day look like for you?”. The people want to know their secrets! We want to emulate them, and as the owners of our own coaching businesses, we should! Their secrets to success make great morning routines for coaches.

 All too often, though, these high performing individuals are placed on pedestals. We tend to think that their success came at too high of a cost: that we simply lack the resources necessary to achieve anything similar. Or… in contrast, we shrug off their success. We say that they’re just exceptionally fortunate. We convince ourselves that success simply isn’t possible without a “lucky break”. In reality, much of the world’s most powerful CEOs’ seemingly superhuman capabilities come down to a single, high-performance habit that anyone can cultivate: simply having a morning routine.

If you’re shaking your head, thinking; “Yeah.. right. I already have one of those, and certainly, no one is trying to emulate me.” I hear you. Pretty much everyone on the planet has a series of basic steps they go through before deeming themselves ‘presentable’ to the public each day. However, it’s important to note that the morning routines of the world’s most powerful CEOs begin long before dawn and include so much more than the basics. In other words- don’t cut them out (please!), but your basic teeth brushing and caffeine fix don’t count. Morning routines for coaches need to go further than that and make time for personal and professional development!

Instead, here are some high-performance habits that are easy for therapists & coaches to fit (at least one of) into any morning routine:

Start Your Day the ‘Write’ Way

Whether you’re listing your goals, writing out a positive affirmation, or drafting a stream-of-consciousness style journal entry – express yourself daily in written word. You don’t have to be a ‘writer’. No one else will be reading these entries, anyway. The mindful act of creating them will encourage you to reflect and gain perspective on the day ahead, though.

Over time, this daily writing routine will help you to get to know yourself better. Getting what’s on your mind out and onto paper will also help you prioritize your problems, stress less, and provide you with an opportunity for positive self-talk – all of which are ideal morning routines for coaches. They get your day started off right!

Invest in Self-Improvement

Writing first thing in the morning has its perks, but taking in content before the day begins has merits, too. Whether you choose materials related to your personal goals or your aspirations as an entrepreneur, reading is an easy way to learn something new each day.

Just remember that it’s not necessarily about how much you read. Rather, the real benefit lies in how you apply what you read, so don’t rush through it. Take your time. Highlight what inspires you. Reflect on what you’ve read, and decide whether it’s worth implementing. This morning routine for coaches is a surefire way to level-up your business and your life continually.

Break a Sweat Before Daybreak

Exercise isn’t optional in morning routines for coaches. It may be the last thing you feel like doing first thing in the morning, but try making it a point to break a sweat before daybreak. Early morning exercise jumpstarts your metabolism for the day and can actually leave you with more energy than you started your workout with!

Your mood will be improved throughout the day, since exercise releases endorphins. You’ll feel more confident, too. After all, what better way to start the day than knowing you’ve prioritized your health and wellbeing?

Complete A Big-Deal Business Task

There are plenty of reasons we procrastinate – in both personal life and as business owners. Regardless of the reason, though, procrastination doesn’t offer any real benefits. Instead, it slowly siphons your mental energy as you continually stress (even if it’s only subconsciously) about the running to-do list in your head!

Save your energy – and tons of time- by completing a single high-priority business task right off the bat every day. This task may be a concrete one, such as creating your coaching packages, or more conceptual, like a strategy session.

Get Grateful

Morning routines for coaches that involve gratitude make so much sense. Afterall – you’re in a position where you are able to help others. What’s not to be grateful for?!

You already know that counting your blessings has countless benefits, so why not start the day with a little bit of gratitude? We’ve already covered plenty of techniques to incorporate it, but “Sharkette” May McCarthy seems to have mastered leveraging gratitude to level-up in life! To manipulate her mindset into one open to opportunity, May doesn’t just express gratitude for the blessings that she has. She makes a point to be thankful for those to come, as well!  

To try it for yourself, write about your goals as if you have already achieved them. Then, read what you’ve written out loud- with emotion. The result will be that you approach your day with an open heart and an open mind. 

Make Your Morning Routine a Priority

Whether you choose to incorporate all of these high-performance habits into your morning routine or just one or two- commit. Don’t read on your Kindle or phone if notifications will distract you. Don’t take pictures for social media or continually watch the clock. Make your personal development a priority. Make a point to be present in the moment, and see your success soar!   


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