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I don’t have to know you personally to know that you feel a daily desire to help others. After all, you didn’t spend years studying to enter the mental health field for nothing. What’s more, instead of running for the hills (or for an analyst job far away from the frontline) when you became curious about leaving psychotherapy, you started looking into yet another “helping” profession- coaching! It wasn’t easy to get where you are now, but it’s been worth it to know you are making a difference in someone else’s life, right?


Furthermore, as a woman, I know that you’re probably a natural caretaker to others… I don’t say this to be sexist. It’s just… As women navigate our daily lives, society presents us with subtexts that imply we should feel guilty or ashamed for saying “no”. This is something many of my clients struggle with. It’s something I still struggle with, even though I am aware of it. And it’s something that holds true no matter what the ‘reason’ for saying “No” is. Women often go out of our way to make someone else happy, even if it’s at our own expense…

When You NEED to Say “No”

Unfortunately, that is no way to live a healthy, balanced life. It’s no way to run your coaching business, either! As an entrepreneur, you have to make managing your time wisely a larger priority than you ever have before. You can’t manage basic …, let alone make time for your own personal development if you’re swamped … Not to mention- you deserve time for self-care, too.


The only way to get it, though, is to learn when to say no, and how not to feel bad about it when you do!


  • Say NO to your friends and family that expect you to be their personal taxi service since you’re “free anyway”  at home and not at “work”. (Some people have a hard time understanding that working from home means WORKING from home…).


  • Say NO to the PTA moms at your kid’s school who want you to bake a gluten free, dairy free, allergy free, sugar-free, taste free, air free seven-layer cake for the bake sale by Friday.


  • Say NO to the coworker who wants to pick your brain for a case they need help with.


  • Say NO to (and this one might be hard for you to accept) that other online coach who wants to collaborate with you…


Some Business Opportunities Aren’t Actually Opportunities

Ok, let me explain that last one:


In the beginning days of your business, you want- and need- exposure. However, accepting just any old project isn’t the way to get it. When you’re busy engaging in activities that don’t align with your goals or the direction you want your business headed in – all for the sake of exposure- you’ll end up getting the wrong kind of exposure.


Before taking on any kind of collaboration as a coach, ask yourself:


  • Is the project geared toward your niche?
  • What would you gain as a result of participating?
  • Is the project aligned with your next 30, 60, or 90 day goals?
  • Do you have the time to commit to the project, or will you be stretching yourself thin?


Example: Your close friend happens to be an executive coach. You’re a health coach, and she asks you to help collaborate with her to encourage her client’s employees to take up exercising on their lunch breaks. On the surface, that doesn’t seem like such a bad deal, right?


Well, it’s not… if working in the corporate world is what you’re looking for.


However, if your ideal clients are stay-at-home moms, this project is one to pass on. It doesn’t get you any closer to your goal, and it takes your time and focus away from your ideal niche!


None of this is to say that you can’t say “yes” to doing the things that make your heart sing.


You don’t have to shut your family and friends out. You can do kind things for others and you can work hard to improve your coaching business. Just keep in mind that high performers – successful entrepreneurs- manage their time wisely.  In short- say no to anything that doesn’t align with or detracts from your goals as a CEO or as a woman. You don’t have to ‘do it all’ to be a successful female CEO. In fact- the two are mutually exclusive. You can’t do it all and enjoy a joyous personal life as well as a profitable business.


But you don’t have to choose between the two, either! Simply give yourself permission to accept your limitations as a single human being (not a superhuman with no need for sleep or self-care). Give yourself permission to say no! Immediately, you’ll see your potential for growth as a woman and a coach expand.

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