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What qualifications did you have to get to become a psychotherapist?


I’m talking:


  • Internships…


  • Degrees…


  • Continuing education courses…


  • Certifications…


How many of each do you have under your belt?


Whatever the number, I already know the answer: enough to have molded you into a ‘rational’ psychotherapist- an analytical professional!  You’ve mastered the art of staying neutral, no matter what. After studying so hard to learn countless proven techniques and clinical interventions that you know work, you’ve always got a clear-cut rationale for the ones you choose to implement. But if you’re like me, sometimes… something feels missing from the equation. That’s probably because as women, our very physiology is designed to make the most of intuition.    And as a coach? Following your ‘gut feelings’ from time to time can really set you apart!

Intuition vs Analytical Thinking: They Aren’t Mutually Exclusive


Analytical, rational thinking isn’t a negative trait- even for a coach. As psychotherapists, the ability to set emotions aside as you help patients learn to cope with their own is highly desirable. As coaches, knowing how to analyze the raw data about your business situation is useful. Necessary, even.


However, more and more scientists agree- intuition is real & it’s something famously successful people (think Oprah and Einstein) have embraced throughout the ages. As it turns out, the phrase ‘gut feeling’ has some merit. The science behind the phenomenon of intuition may be nuanced, but applying it to blow your coaching competition out of the water is simple. It might feel a little scary to ignore left-brain logic from time to time in favor of intuitive hunches about clients, but the results could surprise you.


Make a decision to be open to the idea of intuition- as a psychotherapist, as a coach, and beyond…


You have divine feminine energy rippling through your body at all times. Literally. Don’t ignore it!


There is knowledge within you that you can’t even always conceptualize into words. Despite its seemingly elusive nature, you can always connect with your intuition if you take the time to turn inward… This is part of why it is so important to take time to reflect regularly. If you haven’t in a while, start the habit up again right now. Ask yourself if what you’re doing lately really aligns with the person you want to be as a woman and as a coach. Trust your first answer.

intuition coach

Lots of people love using crystals, meditation, and prayer to hone in on a deeper meaning. But following your intuition doesn’t have to be totally ‘New-Age’ if that’s not something you’re into…


Before you make any decision about your business, ask yourself, “How does it feel?” Listen to your heart for the answer, and don’t think it’s too cheesy to do so! Even Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” If it’s good enough for the man who created Apple, there must be something to it, right?


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night after having the most intense dream about your business and feel inspired? Don’t fight that feeling – even if the idea seems a little ridiculous at first. Dreams.. Visions… “random” ideas… they’re divined downloads! Give them some serious consideration before you decide to write them off.


Don’t let your psychotherapist side die off completely, coach.


It’s an incredibly useful tool, but relying on only your intuition to make decisions isn’t business savvy. After all, your intuition becomes (unconsciously) refined as you experience patterns throughout your life. And although intuition’s power lies in your past experiences – it’s important to note that history doesn’t always repeat itself! Thus, finding a fine balance between making intuitive decisions whenever it’s realistic to do so and making more analytically driven decisions the rest of the time is essential to your success as a CEO.  


For example, figuring out how to start your very own coaching business (and make it profitable) isn’t something you’ve ever done before. Hence, your intuition isn’t going to make a great ‘go-to’ when it comes to selecting the very best strategies to make it successful. However, you have gotten enough experience through your career as a psychotherapist to figure out what kind of clients you enjoy helping (and which ones you don’t), so when it comes to selecting the niche clientele you’ll target your services toward, following your intuition is a safe bet!


Another safe bet?

Choosing a mentor to guide you along as you navigate the waters of early entrepreneurship!

Market research, coaching packages, promotion- they can all be so overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin… Knowing how to best allocate your resources right from the very beginning could make the difference between burning out before your business ever gets off the ground and creating a whole new lifestyle that will stand the test of time. Whether you invest in my services or those of another business coach- don’t go it alone!

And remember: “You can do anything, as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and.. .the support!” -Sabrina Bryan


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