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Think list building is an outdated marketing technique? Think again! Knowing how to build an email list from scratch is a crucial precursor to any marketing strategy.

Why Mailing Lists Still Matter

If social media vanished forever, how would your followers find you? How would potential clients know when you release coaching packages or have an opening for new clients? While it is unlikely that giants such as Facebook and Instagram are going anywhere anytime soon, social media platforms are making changes to their algorithms that may make it more difficult for even followers- let alone new individuals- to actually see your content.

Doing your research about each platform’s algorithms can help, but it’s time-consuming. It’s also tedious. And you have a business to run! Investing in paid advertising on the social media sites where your following is the largest gets eyes on your content. If you’re like most brand new small business owners, though, there is a cap on what you can afford to spend.

Going ghost on all of your accounts isn’t advisable, either. Sharing genuine, relatable content and interacting directly with followers increases your “KLT factor”. (Also known as the “Know, Like, & Trust” principle.) It’s a critical marketing strategy or any small business owner’s success, but especially for coaches.

The only sure way to get your business in front of potential clients is to concentrate on mastering marketing techniques that are within your control. The most important of these is the art of building and maintaining a mailing list from scratch….

There are a variety of list building services out there. The best ones make everything from organizing your contacts to drafting personalized, professional-looking emails a snap… Technology can only be as effective as the person using it, though. In other words, you’ve still got to get people to sign up (also known as opting-in)!

Unfortunately, slam-packed spam-filled inboxes and major media coverage of email phishing scams have created a society of skeptics. To actually get people to sign up for your mailing list, you’re going to need to try some list building techniques you may not have considered before.

Here are the three easiest list building strategies for beginner coaches.

list building

How to get clients to opt-in to your mailing list:

  1. Make the Most of a Lead Magnet

“Lead magnet” is a marketing term you might not be familiar with.

In short, a lead magnet is a free gift (usually a resource or guide of some kind) you provide to people who are willing to opt-in (provide their email address) for it.

When executed properly, lead magnets are a win-win exchange. The ideal client receives a sample of the true value you can bring them as a coach. Meanwhile, you are provided with the opportunity to nurture them via personalized marketing blasts in the hopes that, eventually, they become ready to commit to a purchase.

There is a catch, though.

Your lead magnet needs to be a simple solution to a true problem facing your ideal client. It will take some effort to create. The good news is that once your webinar, eBook, mini-course, or what-have-you is ready- it can be used repetitively to bring in new clients again and again.

2) Make Them Want to Know More

Pop-ups are annoying when overdone, but they’re effective for list building in the proper context. Consider placing a simple, visually appealing opt-in box on your social media profile, blog, or website. This type of pop-up provides ideal clients with the opportunity to learn more about your business without making a major (or monetary) commitment.

The key thing here is that you need to make them want to know more! You need to provide just enough high-quality “free”, easily-accessible content to pique the ideal client’s interest. Yet, you don’t want to give away so many of your trade secrets that readers see no need to sign up for your newsletter- let alone your coaching services!

3) Get a Guest Gig

Guest blogging or acting as a guest on a colleague’s podcast can serve as a low-cost way to bring an influx of names to your mailing list. By simply doing a thorough job with your article or interview, you could gain some fans who want to keep up with you via your newsletter.

However, a more dependable tactic is to offer the audience the chance to sign up for a free gift related to the keynote. This could be as simple as a PDF document that outlines your discussion or a set of reflection questions that help the audience really apply the knowledge you’re sharing. Again- this list building technique is based on mutual benefit: the ideal client gets true value via your gift, and you get that all-important chance to warm a cold lead up to a hot one.

Already have a mailing list?

Great work! Now, it’s time to learn how to incorporate it into a larger lead generation system that brings in prospects consistently… and consistently enrolls them as your clients. You can do this with marketing automation.

I’m happy to show you how, but spaces are limited. Be sure to get on the waitlist for my Mastermind Group Program before it’s full! Featuring video conferences, special guest experts, and a live retreat, this in-depth program is for those of you new coaching business to the next level!



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