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Every small business owner on the planet- including coaches- can benefit from knowing how to write marketing messages…  

If you’ve come across this post as a fledgling coach, congratulations! By taking the time to study this aspect of the coaching industry before you begin taking clients, you’re going to save yourself a lot of headaches. Learning how to write impactful, effective marketing messages can save your business before it even begins.   However, even experienced coaches are constantly refining their approaches on how to build a successful coaching business! If you’ve been seeing a plateau in the growth of your business, this post very well could be the key to turning things around.   Let’s get started.

The Importance of Effective Marketing Messages

Digital marketing experts estimate that Americans are bombarded by as many as 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day! They come in the form of social media posts, mailers, signage, logos, and paid advertisements. Even the simplest, most subtle ads are meant to convey something about the brand. That “something” is their marketing message. Obviously, thousands of these ads stay at the peripherals of our awareness, unnoticed. Many of the ads we encounter throughout the day warrant less than one second of our attention. We just don’t consider them relevant to us. Or… we can’t tell quickly enough what they’re trying to convey. (In other words, their marketing message is not clear.)

marketing messages

How many marketing messages can you see just taking a walk down the street?

Even when it comes to advertisements for relevant goods and services, we only take the time to learn more about the brands that stand out…  

How to Write Marketing Messages that Blow Away the Competition

Understanding the perspective of consumers can be helpful when learning how to write marketing messages as a coach. It helps you to understand that you only have a few precious seconds to connect in this busy world. Your messaging needs not only to be immediately clear, but to really resonate with your ideal client.   You can’t just fill out a general marketing message template with the information you think everyone will like.

Why not?

Because messaging intended to appeal to everyone usually isn’t meaningful enough to resonate with anyone. Broad sweeping claims can also be confusing. That’s why before developing a marketing strategy of any kind, you need to know who you are serving.   The best, most famous marketing messages are direct. They’re focused. Sure, they target niches that may encompass hundreds or even thousands of people, but they feel as if they are speaking to one specific person. In coaching, we call that person- the archetype of the very specific kind of person you want to buy your services- the “ideal client”.

The Closest Thing You’ll Find to a Marketing Message Template:

So… now that you understand a little bit about what marketing messages are and why they matter if you’re trying to learn how to build a successful coaching business… Are you ready to start creating your own?   Well, no. At least, not until you can answer the following:

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. What are their pain points/struggles?
  3. What do they want? What is their vision of a happier life?
  4. How can YOU can help them achieve that vision?
  5. Who are YOU? What is your emotional connection to this audience? Why do you even want to help your ideal client? (The answers to these questions help to increase your Know, Like & Trust Factor)

This is the information every marketing message should include. Need an example?

Here’s the breakdown of my own marketing message:


  1. I can work with any woman in the coaching field, but I have narrowed my niche down to specifically focus on psychotherapists who want to leave nonprofits and private practices.
  2. The long hours, lack of freedom, and lack of opportunity to move up the ladder are some of their pain points.
  3. I know that they still want to make an impact on others. That’s their vision.
  4. Learning how to build a successful coaching business is their solution because it offers them the opportunity to live a life of abundance and flexibility while still helping others.
  5. I want to help them because I had to go it alone, and I know how difficult that can be. Sharing the specifics of my own career transition story really speaks to them because my journey is relatable to theirs.


Don’t forget to speak your ideal client’s language!

Many new coaches make the mistake of:

  1. Deciding their niche.
  2. Drafting a broad marketing message
  3. Conducting market research to figure out how best to deliver it.

These steps are great, but they’re not in the right order.

Your market research needs to come first.

Why?   It can help you to see precisely which niche population is most in need of and receptive to your unique coaching services. More importantly, your market research will, effectively, teach you how to speak your ideal client’s language.   As you review the results of your market research, certain words will start to jump out. You’ll see how your niche describes themselves, their pain points, and their dreams. Their own words are little “golden nuggets” in terms of writing an effective marketing message. Let them guide you.   Incorporating these “buzz words” will help potential clients see themselves in you. It will show them that you understand their needs and know them well enough to deliver the viable solutions they crave.

Putting it all together…

The best marketing message in the world is worthless if it doesn’t actually make its way in front of your audience.   With my online courses and group coaching programs, I’ll go beyond the basics in teaching you how to build a successful coaching business from the ground up- including how to automate a marketing funnel that makes your services sell themselves!   Whether you’re a beginner coach or have a few years’ experience, give me a call. Together, we’ll figure out the right approach to help you say goodbye to the 9-5, build a profitable business you love, and create a life of freedom and abundance today!


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