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Get Out of Your Daily Grind and Discover a New Career With Less Hours, a Great Income, and More Freedom


Use Your Experience and Expertise in a Whole New Way


You got into the field of mental health for a reason: you want to help people be happier and have a good quality of life. You’re passionate about what you do.

But, as you’ve discovered, that positive aspect is unfortunately just one part of being a psychotherapist, whether you’re in private practice or work for a nonprofit or community organization.


I don’t have to tell you about the challenges you face every day:


√ Long hours

√ Stress that seems to increase every week

√ Having to squeeze in too many patients (25 per week or more)

√ No-shows that cost you money

√ Low pay – especially considering your level of education

√ Dealing with insurance

√ The mental strain of through severe emotional issues with your clients

Well my friend, it’s time to finally make a go of it.

• No more putting anyone else’s needs before your own.

• No more what if’s.

• No more lost opportunities.

It’s all just become too much and you don’t want to continue carrying on like this. You know in your heart that it’s time to shake things up.

The only thing is, where do you even begin?

I’m Nancy Gallegos, and as a Business Success Coach I have helped many women step out of their successful yet ultimately unfulfilling careers and into a life of freedom and soulful entrepreneurial success.

Work with me and I’ll show you how to:

• Unlearn the 9-5 mentality that’s become so ingrained in your thinking so you can begin to prioritize your own personal goals  and aspirations.

• Rediscover your passions and channel them into a business model that offers you both professional and personal fulfillment.

• Overcome your fear of leaving the security of your job so you can become your own boss and create your ideal life.

• Overcome your fear of feeling like you are starting all over again and I’ll show you how you can leverage your expertise and skills from your jobs to build the profitable online coaching business you desire.

It’s okay to admit that you deserve more from life. Yes you have been fortunate and yes you have achieved levels of success others only dream of. But you deserve to feel fulfilled. You deserve to fall asleep at night with a smile on your face, loving the life you live.

You may not be there now. But you can get there. Let’s do it together, I’ll show you how!