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The Four Main Reasons A Coaching Business

Is Right For You


Let’s dive right in.


Reason #1. Coaching is Solution Focused and Future Oriented Work

Coaching services are future oriented, goal setting, planning driven, action driven, identifies barriers/problems and focuses on the solutions.


Coaches help clients unlock their own strengths, guides and supports them in achieving their desires and goals. These goals and desires can be either personal or professional.


Coaches help clients design and create their future and do not spend time analyzing the past and never diagnosis a client.


Often coaching is seen as an extension or overlap of Solution Focused and Positive Psychology with a holistic twist.

As a coach your service delivery approach is direct and action driven.



Coaching clients are 100% committed in achieving their full potential, their goals and solving their biggest problem.





Coaching is right for you if…you enjoy and prefer working with clients on finding a solution to a specific problem, in helping them design their future, and you enjoy a more direct approach with clients.



Does this sound like you?


Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

      • What attracts you to coaching?
      • Do you gravitate more towards solution focused and future oriented work with clients now?
      • If yes, what do you enjoy most about it? Is this type of work more aligned with your style, personality or values?




Reason #2. Coaching is Passion and Soul Driven Work

A coaching business provides you the opportunity to incorporate other personal passions, interests, values and your life mission in your work with clients


Coaching services allows you to provide a more holistic approach in serving clients that may not be appropriate in the traditional psychotherapy model.


Perhaps you want to incorporate more your passion for spirituality development and you desire to bring in your spiritual work and beliefs in sessions with clients.


You are passionate about a specific health and wellness topic, and you want to help clients with that specific topic.


Your calling is helping others find their purpose in life and helping them live a more authentic life.  



Honestly there are many coaching niches to choose from.  (More on finding your coaching niche later). 




Coaching is right for you if…you find yourself enjoying your current psychotherapy work BUT there’s a little voice inside (your soul, your intuition) yearning for more, yearning to fulfill other passions, to extend your services to a different clientele population.


Coaching is right for you if…you find yourself burned out, overwhelmed or suffering from compassion fatigue.  Maybe you need a break from psychotherapy but still want to continue to help others but in a different capacity.


Does this sound like you? 


Take a moment to reflect on the following question:

      • What other passions, interests, and personal values would you love to incorporate in your work with clients and unable to do so right now with psychotherapy services?
      • What type of work brings you joy and fulfills your heart and soul?



Reason #3. Flexibility

A coaching business provides you the opportunity for more flexibility in your schedule.  You can serve your coaching clients from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world.


Nowadays technology makes it super easy (and safe) to provide web-based services around the world. Not only is this a huge advantage for you but also convenient for the clients.


With a coaching business you are offering your services mainly through coaching packages specifically designed to provide the solution and transformation your ideal client desires and needs. 


Since you are moving away from “one-hour session” and instead offering premium coaching packages, you are working with fewer clients while increasing your revenue.




A reduced caseload opens up more time in your day to day schedule.





Coaching is right for you if…you are looking for more flexibility in your schedule to take and pick up your children from school, spend more time with loved ones during the day, or involvement with local charities and community centers. 


Coaching is right for you if…you move often due to your spouse/partner/significant other’s job or is in the military and you need flexibility to continue to run your business without interrupting both your revenue and client care. 


Coaching is right for you if…you love to travel and would love the flexibility to take your business with you as you travel the world. 


Does this sound like you? 


Take a moment to reflect on the following question:

    • How would a flexible schedule change your daily life? What activities would you engage in if you had free time?
    • How would a flexible schedule impact your family?




Reason #4. Financial Growth

Let’s address the big elephant in the room, shall we?


Yes, the financial glass ceiling for mental health professionals and women in general.    


Unfortunately, mental health professionals are underpaid.  This is the reality. 



I’ve spoken to nearly 200 mental health professionals (primarily psychotherapists) across the United States and internationally – and the financial cap is the same almost everywhere. 




If you work for a non-profit or community clinic, the salary is low and if you want to increase your income there are very few options available. You either wait to be post-license 2 years to become a clinical supervisor which means now you are managing staff and indirectly their caseload.


Or you move into other management positions which takes you away from the one-on-one work with clients which is why you entered the field to begin with.   


If you own a full-time private practice, your income is determined by insurance panels as they dictate your hourly rate and volume of referrals. Even with only private pay clients, you’ll need to serve 25-30 clients a week to make a decent income. And not to mention the no shows and late cancelations that impact your income. 


Who wants to be chasing clients or insurance panels for payments???


A coaching business, part-time or full-time, is another option to increase your revenue while decreasing your caseload by half (or more) so you have more time and energy to dedicate to your clients

Even with a part-time coaching business $5,000+ monthly revenue is feasible.   



Since you are moving away from charging by the hour and instead offering coaching packages, these packages offer not only more time freedom and financial growth for you as the coach and business owner BUT your clients benefit most with them. 


Coaching packages offer a full transformation to your clients and the solution to their biggest problem.  A win-win for you and your client.     


Coaching services are 100% private pay – no insurance involved. (yasss!!!)


There is no revenue cap with your own coaching business, it all depends on your goals, the lifestyle you want to create, and the business model you desire.


It’s your choice!    


Coaching is right for you ifyou are looking to increase your revenue and improve or up-level your current lifestyle. 


Coaching is right for you ifyou are tired of living paycheck by paycheck or chasing after clients or insurance panels for unpaid fees.


Does this sound like you? 


Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

      • Are you looking to increase your income?
      • What’s your dream income?
      • How would this amount change your life?




If you made it this far, to the end of this page, I know in my heart you are yearning for more or something different in your life right now. 

How do I know?

Because I was once in your shoes. I know how it feels to want more in life but feel scared of the unknown and overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and shame for wanting more. 


It’s time to listen to the little voice inside of you – to your soul, your intuition. 

You owe it to yourself to at least explore this opportunity to leverage your expertise into a coaching business. 


Before you move forward to the next page (to explore your coaching niche), take a minute to close your eyes, check in with yourself, and connect with how you are feeling right now.

Connect with your heart. 


If any of the above reasons resonated with you, made your heart skip a beat, and you are curious to learn more about coaching, then I invite you to join me on the next page where you will begin to explore YOUR coaching niche.





If none of the above reasons resonated with you or you know in your heart that a coaching business is not the right path for you right now, then I want to thank you for your time today and wish you the best in your next career move.   

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