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4 Steps To Identify Your Profitable Coaching Niche



In coaching you are working with a specific niche by providing them the transformational solution to their biggest problem or challenge.  You are moving away from serving everyone.

You are no longer serving every referral that lands on your desk and instead personally selecting your dream clients you’ll enroll in your coaching programs.


No more casting a wide net. 

You are hand picking your dream clients.


The advantage of building a coaching business is having the freedom and flexibility of choosing a niche that captures your passion and values, a niche whom you are best positioned to serve with your specific training and experience.


Your profitable and passion driven niche lies within the following components.  


If this is your first time exploring your niche…YAY…how exciting!!

Remember this is a process. Enjoy going through each section. Don’t overthink it and pay close attention to your intuition.   



#1: Your Passion and Interests

The goal is to build a business foundation and model aligned with your passion, interests, values, and life mission. 


The purpose is to build your dream business that fulfills your heart and soul.  I truly believe this to my core.  And I’m living proof that it’s possible!


In order to do so you must be passionate about who you are serving and passionate about the solution and transformation you are providing to your dream client.




This is what keeps you going on the tough days because there will be challenging days but when your heart is invested in your work, nothing is impossible!





Reflect on the following questions:

    • What do people come to you for help that you enjoy the most?
    • What problem(s) are you passionate about solving for others?
    • Is there a type of client or interest that you are passionate about and unable to serve under the psychotherapy/mental health model?


Identifying your passion(s) requires to look within yourself.  It might feel challenging at first especially if lately you haven’t experienced joy and fulfillment in your current work.  

If it doesn’t come to you right away, it’s okay, trust that it will. 



Step 2: Professional Experience

As a trained mental health professional, you are more than qualified to provide coaching services (I can’t emphasis this enough).

In fact, you are more qualified than most new coaches. You are not someone who woke up today and decided to help others.

Heck no!

You invested time and money in obtaining a graduate degree(s), over 3,000 hours of supervised client work, work experience, and hours preparing for a state license (or two!). 

As a trained mental health professional, you have acquired many skills in communication, listening, time management, goal setting, behavioral modification, and much more that you can easily transfer into your coaching services.


Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the following that apply to you:

  • School degrees and certificates 
  • Trainings
  • Licenses
  • Work experience in the mental health field and specific skills you acquired
  • Work experience in any other field and specific skills you acquired


Look at all the experience, training, and skills you already have!!!


Lets take it a step further and reflect on the following questions:

    • What type of clients or type of problems do you feel best positioned to help with your educational background?
    • What types of clients are you best positioned to serve with your mental health expertise and background?
    • Do you have other degrees or certificates other than in the mental health field that you want to further use or pursue new ones?



Step 3: Personal Experience

Often we are our own ideal coaching client.  Although it is not mandatory to have personal experience in your niche to be successful, it can be a huge advantage. 

Not only are you passionate about something you have personally overcome but your coaching clients will connect with you in a more profound way as they will feel you truly understand them.   You’ve walked in their shoes.  

Think about any challenges you overcame personally or professionally or any challenges during major life events. 


Reflect on the following questions:

    • What personal struggles have you overcome and passionate about helping others with it?
    • What skills did you acquire while overcoming these struggles in your life?
    • What resources did you wish were available to you back then?  Can you offer those resources now? 



Step 4: Market Demand

Often new coaches tend to skip this vital component when selecting their niche and the specific problem they are solving with their coaching services.

Market Research.

After going through the three components above (your passion, professional background, and personal experience), it’s time to speak to your ideal client – to assess your niche market.   

As an expert in your niche, you might have a good grasp on the need of your market however speaking to your ideal clients directly will ensure you know exactly what they need and desire. 

The key to a profitable coaching package in addition to great marketing and copywriting is speaking your ideal client’s language and knowing exactly from them their struggles, problems, desires and the solutions they desperately need. 


Take a moment to think about your ideal client. 

    • What do you want to know the most about them? 
    • What information about them will help you better serve them through your coaching services and packages?


Go look for your ideal clients in social media (i.e. Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Instagram) to survey them and speak directly to them. Pay close attention to how they describe their biggest challenges and desires.    


Let’s quickly recap the components for YOUR profitable niche.  

Your niche lies within…

  1. Your passions, interests, values
  2. Professional background, work experience, trainings, skills, expertise
  3. Personal experience (not required)
  4. Market demand



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