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Get Out of Your Daily Grind… and Discover a New Career With Less Hours, a Great Income, and More Freedom


Use Your Experience and Expertise in a Whole New Way


You got into the field of mental health for a reason: you want to help people be happier and have a good quality of life. You’re passionate about what you do.

But, as you’ve discovered, that positive aspect is unfortunately just one part of being a psychotherapist, whether you’re in private practice or work for a nonprofit or community organization.

But there is another way… a way you can help people be the best they can be and accomplish their most important life goals… all while you use the psychotherapy skills and experience you worked so hard to get.

And you can say goodbye to long stressful hours, insurance hassles, and all the rest… but still get paid as much or more as you do right now – or more – while working much less hours.


Working with Nancy was awesome!  She has basically outlined and created everything you would need to begin a coaching program.  She has a unique voice because she shares my clinical background as a therapist so she helped me see the type of mindset shifts and skill set shifts I would need to embody to shift to a coaching framework.  She is upbeat, responsive, and knowledgeable.

Amanda Hildebrant

Relationship Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist, Worthy of Love


In fact, you’ll have more free time to travel… to be with family… to pursue your own interests. You’ll be in control of your own time and destiny.

And if you want to move to another state, you won’t have to worry about securing a new licensing. (If you’ve ever moved, you know what an advantage that offers.)



I’m talking about being an online coach.


Coaching has exploded in recent years as people increasingly seek outside expert help to provide motivation, encouragement, and practical advice to further their careers, start businesses, get in shape, and more.

Just about anyone can benefit from working with a coach. And more and more people are seeking their services.


According to the International Coach Federation, the market value of personal coaching in the United States alone was $1.02 billion– that’s compared to $707 million in 2011. And it’s expected to continue to grow.

And don’t worry, despite all the coaches out there capitalizing on this trend, there is still plenty of demand. And, as a psychotherapist, you’re uniquely suited to this career.



What Type of Coach Should You Be?


There are many different types of coaches, and there’s sure to be one that resonates with your interests and expertise. You can match your passion with your profits.


Here is just a small sample of the many specialties out there:

  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Health coaching
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Women’s empowerment coaching
  • Career transition coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Financial coaching

And that’s just a start!

Whatever specialty you choose, the field definitely pays well.

As a coach, most of your interactions will be over the phone, video conference, or email. Your clients could be anywhere in the world – and they don’t care where you are.


I found Nancy to be very supportive and patient with me in starting my coaching endeavor.  I almost had no idea what I was getting into or what to expect in transitioning from a therapist to a coach, but in having come from a similar background, she was able to explain things to me in a manner in which I could easily grasp.  I also appreciate the fact that she took her time to explain things to me in detail and provide feedback to ensure I was fully understanding things.  Her work helped me embrace the paradigm shift that comes from switching from one profession to another.  The biggest takeaway I obtained from my work with Nancy was that if I truly put my mind to things, the sky is the limit!

Luis Resendez

Business Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist, Elare Coaching Solutions



Why Therapists Like You Make the Best

(and Highest Paid) Coaches

Thanks to your education and years of experience conducting therapy, you’re uniquely qualified to coach people to success. You have an edge on all the other coaches out there who might be “certified” but don’t really have any real expertise.

You know how people think… how to overcome emotional and psychological “blocks” that are holding people back. You know how to talk to people.

This counts for a lot.

I should know. As a 14-year veteran psychotherapist turned coach I’ve seen this first hand.

I’m Nancy Gallegos and I’m a Business Success Coach who’s ready to help you accelerate your business growth and create a life you absolutely love!


As a licensed psychotherapist, I have nearly two decades of experience empowering people to create their ideal life. During my career, I worked hard to be promoted from therapist to a variety of leadership positions, culminating in my previous (and last) role as an Assistant Vice President for one of the top 3 community mental health agencies in Los Angeles.


I really loved my chosen mental health career, but I’ve always worked like crazy, which left me with this feeling of emptiness in my soul.

Twenty years flew by with me going through the motions from college to grad school, and eventually into my career. As the years went by, I lost a little more of myself with each passing day. 

Maybe you can relate.


I loved the work, loved the career, and loved the people.

But, there was something crucial missing from the puzzle.


I didn’t realize it at first, but it was ME… I was missing from the entire picture. It was like my body was there, but my soul wasn’t. I had one true desire. To get control of my life and career and gain freedom – by any means necessary.

My journey led me to entrepreneurship. But, along the way I had a bumpy ride as I read books, coached myself, and watched free webinars trying to piece all of the info together.


When I met my mentor, she opened me up to a world of possibility where my dreams weren’t just a vision, but a reality. I started to see that I could choose me, I could find freedom, and I could build the business, and life, I’d always dreamt of.


I worked with Nancy and I loved every minute of it.  She has taught me so much and provided me with so many useful tools to help me make my coaching business a success.   She has provided me with so much encouragement and support.  This opportunity to work with her has been such a BLESSING!

Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison

Women's Empowerment & Self-esteem Coach For Women of Color and Licensed Psychotherapist, Realizing Your Potential


So, what did I do? 

I packed up all those years of experience, problem solving, and late nights – then I thanked my colleagues for their support and kindness. There’s no looking back now because I lovingly and happily said goodbye! Now I’ve exchanged my mental health career for complete and total freedom as my own boss! (Woohoo!)



I Want You to Follow in My Footsteps


Maybe you’ve never really given coaching much thought. Maybe you tried to start a coaching career… but just couldn’t get it off the ground. It’s understandable. As with any business, it’s all about marketing yourself the right way to find clients you’ll enjoy working with – and who can benefit most from your help.

To land those clients is much different than signing people up for individual sessions. You need a different approach.

You have to incorporate your experience and expertise into coaching packages that show your value to your dream client. You must show them that your services can help them achieve the results they need and desire.

The good news is that the social media and other online platforms have made it easier than ever to find clients.

Of course, it’s not something you trained for. You were trained to serve your clients – and you do it well.  

Marketing myself is something I’ve become an expert in when I became a coach. That’s why I decided to start helping my fellow mental health professionals follow in my footsteps, blending experience and expertise as a psychotherapist with a new business sense to start a successful – and profitable – business in coaching.


I want to be your mentor as you start your new career. This will shorten your learning curve on your way to success.



I’m standing by to teach you how to start and grow a thriving coaching business.

You once loved your career in mental health. But, you’re also stretched thin, physically exhausted, and spiritually drained. All too often you have let your fear keep you in your career. 

The result: you’re living someone else’s idea of a dream life while your own dreams pile up in a corner somewhere collecting dust. Waiting, hoping, praying for a revival!


Well my friend, it’s time to finally make a go of it.

  • No more putting anyone else’s needs before your own.
  • No more what if’s.
  • No more lost opportunities.


As a Business Success Coach, my philosophy is that we only live once and we all have unique gifts the world needs. So, go ahead my friend, take life by the horns!


Isn’t it time you

  1. Find your independence, create your own career, and stop feeling tied down to a 9-5 (more like 8-7) job.
  2. Live a better life, with more freedom and more money to do the things you love.
  3. Uncover your unique gift and stop feeling lost when it comes to what kind of business you should start, the customers you should target, and how to make real sales!


Now, I know you’re ready to go after your dreams to build a life and business that lights you up!



The reality is, the world needs your unique gifts, and I’m here to show you exactly how you can share those gifts in an authentic and profitable way!


I struggled for far too long to get to this point. When I ask myself why, I realize it was so I could gather every lesson I needed in order to help you accelerate your learning curve.


Ready to create monumental changes in your life and create the business of your dreams?


Quit Your Day Job. Quit The Struggle. Quit the Stress.



Sign up for my elite coaching programs designed to help you say goodbye to the 9-5, build a profitable business you love, and create a life of freedom and abundance today!