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 When you’re ready to take your new coaching business to the next level, I hope to see you in my group coaching program when enrollment opens again in Spring 2019


The truth is that you must think of yourself as the CEO of your coaching business first, then as a therapist or coach. You must take on a leadership role.


Understandably, that could be an uncomfortable shift for you. I’ll help you make this necessary change in attitude.


The Mastermind Group Program is designed for a small group, just 12 to 15 people, so that everybody gets personal help and attention from me and my team – and we create a sense of community. (By the way, I’m pretty selective about who gets in.)


There will also be a group retreat, a one-time live event where we all gather together so you can put the finishing touches on your coaching venture.


The Mastermind Group Program uses weekly video conferencing calls to train in some of the most important aspects of building a coaching business. I’ll be sharing my computer screen so you can see what I’m doing. You follow right along – it’s a very hands-on process. You’ll be able to share your screen with me too – for instant feedback. That accelerates your mastery.


You’ll come out of this program with a lead generation system that brings in prospects consistently… and consistently enrolls them as your clients. And you’ll do it with marketing automation. Once you set up your marketing “funnel” once, it runs virtually on autopilot.


You’ll also have a “brand” for your coaching business, where all your messaging, marketing, website, social media presence and more is consistent. 


This will all give a rapidly growing business and that means bringing on team members so you don’t end up working too hard. You’ll learn the easy way to hire the right people. 


The  Mastermind Group Program is a very in-depth program. To be honest, I can only take serious people who can make the commitment to be there for the training sessions… and are ready to put in the work and up level their business. 


That’s why I only accept 12 – 15 participants for each group.


I expect all participants to take action as we go through the program.


The next group starts in Spring 2019.


To learn more about this exclusive program when doors open again and receive an exclusive waitlist price, join the waitlist HERE.