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4 Reasons You Are Ready For A Coaching Business

(Plus Discover YOUR Profitable Coaching Niche)



A few years back I discovered the world of online coaching and my first reaction was “yeah right, this is a scam! ”.

All over social media I came across coaches claiming to have built profitable online based businesses while working from the comfort of their home and anywhere in the world.


Who are these fake therapists? ” I gasp (while rolling my eyes) as I scrolled through their social media profiles and websites.  



These coaches were doing what I love, which is helping others improve their lives. But they were helping others while making tons more money than I was AND from the comfort of their home. (Not to mention many with way less education than me!)


Here I was, a trained licensed mental health professional, with over a decade of work experience under my belt, working long hours and making less money than these coaches. 

Yes, I was jealous and a tad bit frustrated. Actually more than just a tad bit.    




In reality underneath my frustration was a strong desire and curiosity to learn more about coaching.


How come no one ever told me about this not-so-secret field?!!



I needed to explore these other opportunities available to me as a trained mental health professional.  

So the quest began. 

Boy was I in for a big surprise – a life changing surprise.




Fast forward a few years later, and here I am a proud owner of a profitable coaching business that is driven by my values and passions, fulfills my heart and soul, and I get to work with the most amazing clients in the world.   


Here’s what I do know about the coaching industry after not only building my own highly profitable coaching business but also helping many clients who are also mental health professionals.  






The coaching industry is growing every year.  It’s an over one billion-dollar industry in the Unites States alone and growing internationally.  (So, no it’s not a scam)


People more than ever are seeking support and guidance in specific areas of their lives. 

These individuals don’t necessarily meet criteria for a DSM diagnosis and do not need psychotherapy services.  


However, these individuals are seeking a better future, they are going after their dreams, they want a more fulfilled life, they are seeking personal development and solutions to specific struggles and obstacles.  (Yes, the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)     


And guess what?


As a trained mental health professional you are qualified to provide coaching services and impact the lives of these individuals who seek support and guidance from qualified coaches (that’s you!).


Every year more and more mental health professionals are leveraging their expertise, education, and training into a coaching business.


For years the two common career choices for psychotherapists were:

1. work for a mental health clinic or organization


2. start your private practice


A coaching business is simply another option available to you to Leverage your Expertise, Expand your Reach™.


Today I want to share with you what a coaching business can do for you and help you decide if a coaching business is aligned with your goals, values, and life mission. 


Although I know 100% that it is possible to build a profitable coaching business and that the coaching field is growing rapidly every year, a coaching business is NOT the right choice for every mental health professional

And that’s okay because there is a need for both mental health services and coaching services in the world.  There are more than enough clients for both!!


A coaching business is simply another option available to you.  You can transfer completely into coaching or create a business model that offers both therapy and coaching. 

The choice is yours!


But that’s not all. 


By the end, you’ll also have clarity and begin your process in discovering YOUR profitable coaching niche that is aligned with YOUR passions, values, and interests. 


The goal is to build a business where you can combine your expertise and training with your passions – what you truly love doing. 



Continue reading if you are new to the concept of coaching and want to explore what a    coaching business can offer you. 


Continue reading if you already know coaching is right for you but you’re feeling stuck on how to kick start your coaching business. 




Let’s do this!