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I’m Nancy Gallegos, and as a Business Success Coach I have helped many mental health professionals and service providers step out of their successful yet ultimately unfulfilling agency work and overwhelming private practices into a life of freedom and soulful entrepreneurial success.

I was in the mental health field for over 14 years, held a variety of positions from psychotherapist to several upper leadership positions, my last one being Assistant Vice President of one of the top mental health agencies in Los Angeles County, California.



My speciality and passion is mentoring mental health professionals in leveraging their years of education, specialized training, skills and expertise to build a profitable and passion-driven coaching business to expand their reach worldwide.



Work with me and I’ll show you how to Leverage Your Expertise, Expand Your Reach

  • Unlearn the 9-5 mentality that’s become so ingrained in your thinking so you can begin to prioritize your own personal goals  and aspirations.


  • Create your dream coaching business where you serve clients who inspire you, work from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world while transforming other’s lives.


  • Learn the differences between mental health services and coaching services and how to Leverage Your Expertise, Expand Your Reach™ to serve coaching clients powerfully and with purpose. 


  • Overcome your fear of feeling like you are starting all over again and I’ll show you how you can leverage your expertise and skills from your mental health career to build the profitable online coaching business you desire.



If you are ready to Leverage Your Expertise, Expand Your Reach™ to serve clients worldwide and create a business that is passion driven and brings you financial abundance, you are at the right place. 



Leverage Your Expertise, Expand Your Reach ™

Deluxe VIP 1:1 Coaching Program

A 6 months VIP 1:1 coaching program specifically designed for mental health professionals and service providers to provide all the tools needed to build a successful coaching business model that fits your goals and lifestyle.  


The program is tailored to your unique needs. Topics covered include:

  • Create a business plan and goals aligned with your vision, values, and passion. 
  • Mindset techniques & strategies to help you reset old limiting beliefs holding you back. 
  • Learn the differences between mental health services and coaching services.  
  • Identify which current skills sets and expertise as a mental health professional you can leverage into your coaching services.
  • Identify your passion drive and profitable niche based on your current expertise and skills sets.  
  • Design your coaching offerings and get super clear on your marketing message.
  • Create an effective lead generation system to continuously enroll clients and exceed your monthly revenue targets.
  • And much more! 


Program includes:

  • Weekly 59 minute coaching calls.
  • 6 months (24 weeks) of email support between calls during Office Hours.
  • Access to Nancy’s own business documents such as Client Service Agreement (contract), email series, webinar templates, business spreadsheets and much more.
  • Upon signing up, you also receive a Welcome and Preparation Workbook to get you prepared for the upcoming 24 weeks as you build your coaching business and desired lifestyle.
  • Review of business documents


Investment: $7,000



Schedule your FREE discovery call today.

Let’s explore your unique needs and goals to determine the best program for you!