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Why is fearlessness useless if you want a successful coaching career?

Fearlessness: it has become a paragon attribute. You’ve been encouraged to strive for it, no matter what. You’ve been fooled into thinking you must become comfortable throwing caution to the wind in order to live your best life. Afterall, to do otherwise would mean you are cowering, weak, or denying yourself success, right? (Wrong!) For some- perhaps yourself included- the word ‘fearless’ has become synonymous with ‘faith’. In reality, the two are so, so different. If you’re fearless you’ve no need for faith. However, if you’re faithful, you don’t need to be fearless. You can go from psychotherapy to coaching with confidence, even if you feel afraid.

Clearly, I’m a fan of staying faithful- whether it’s to my dream of helping other psychotherapists achieve their dream of going from psychotherapy to coaching or walking away from personal relationships that no longer served my best interests.

Here’s why I’m replacing the word ‘fearless’ with ‘faithful’ in my vocabulary, my coaching business, and my life (and why you should, too!)

Fearlessness is an impossible ideal to uphold. It’s also an illogical one. Even if it were possible, becoming truly fearless wouldn’t eliminate the challenges you face when struggling to reach your goals. It wouldn’t get you any closer to them, either. To be truly fearless essentially equates to ignoring reality. Being faithful, on the other hand, means you are willing to stay the course despite the challenges that arise when moving from psychotherapy to coaching. It means taking action toward your goals even when you’re feeling discouraged because you are passionate about coaching- and confident you can!

Here’s an example: You’re trying to get your first official coaching client. You’ve published your coaching package, you’ve taken out advertisements, and yet? Your phone just isn’t ringing. What do you do? Do you run for the hills? Do you go back to psychotherapy? What? If you’re faithful, you acknowledge that your business doesn’t seem to be taking off as you’d hoped. That might scare you, and that’s okay! You use that fear as a motivator to take action. You problem solve!

Maybe you decide to do more market research and discover that your niche isn’t quite narrow enough… Maybe you feel overwhelmed and decide to seek expert business-building advice… What you do isn’t the point here. The point is that you do something.

You can have it all (even your fear)

Stop wasting time trying to become a warrior and recognize that you already are one. Warriors aren’t fearless; they’re just confident in their skill set. Your own fears may include:

  • Worrying about what your colleagues might think about your career change
  • Spending too much time trying to become a coach but never getting your business off the ground
  • Being perceived as a ‘fake therapist’, despite having worked so hard to become a real one
  • Feeling unsure and afraid of how your life will change once you actually achieve your goals
  • That you don’t really have the skills and expertise to coach
  • Feeling it’s wrong or selfish for you to go after what you really want
  • Thinking your degrees will be ‘wasted’ if you make a career change

No matter how many of these ill-founded, limiting beliefs are holding you back, you don’t have to eliminate them entirely to leverage your expertise and expand your reach. Just don’t let them hold you back! It is normal and healthy to feel a bit of apprehension in the face of big life changes. Being willing to push past that feeling or being capable of using it as fuel to keep the fires of passion burning in your own heart is the mark that you are meant to do this.  

What if you know you’re meant to leave psychotherapy to own a coaching business, but don’t feel ‘ready’?

Only you can do the soul-searching and study necessary to develop your own coaching business, but I can serve as your sounding board, support system, & step-by-step guide along the way. Just call or click to get ready! The Business Breakthrough call is FREE. During our call, I will guide you through the options available and help you choose the program right for your schedule, your business, and your lifestyle.

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