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In your private practice, you probably ‘do it all’ on your own.

Maybe you use a virtual assistant for a handful of hours each week to handle payroll or some other mundane odd job that you don’t have time for, but you generally work alone. There are no salespeople… no copywriters… no web designers… and, certainly, no branding consultants or graphic designers! Transitioning from this ‘loner’ work-style to the team-based one you’ll need to succeed in online coaching isn’t always easy, but it isn’t optional, either.

Why your coaching business can’t flourish when you do it all alone:

Being the CEO of a coaching business can require more creativity, and it’s tough to be a creative visionary when you’re bogged down by tedious tasks that would be better off delegated to experts who actually enjoy them.

It’s impossible to plan effectively, too! Who has the mental space to plan at least 90 days ahead at all times, while simultaneously spending hours and hours creating a landing page, developing and managing a marketing funnel, and -basically- running a one-woman-show?

I sure didn’t!

For the first year after founding my online coaching business, I stood where you do now.

I tried to do it all on my own.

I thought that I needed to wait to hire any help until I had reached a certain profit margin in my business. In reality, I should have invested in a team to get to that profit margin from the very beginning! Looking back, it took me longer than necessary to become successful as a business coach and I was putting myself in real danger of becoming burnt out enough to give up on my business, too… At the end of my first year in business,  I found myself self-sabotaging myself. I was tired of spending long hours daily doing everything on my own! I even started to question whether coaching was even for me.


Too much of my time and mental space was being taken up with dull and tiresome administrative tasks, and even the soundest of business strategies can only go so far in such a situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to be dependent on anyone and I don’t recommend you be that way either. I make a point to familiarize myself with all of the pieces of my business, as should you… It’s vital that you know how each branch of your business operates, should an unexpected event leave it necessary for you to make a direct sale to a client or fix a glitch in the sales funnels that are vital for ongoing sales. However, as the CEO of your coaching business, it is your primary job to be the ‘ideas’ woman, and you can’t do that job effectively if you’re trying to do all the other jobs, too!

When should you hire a team to help you run your coaching business?

Don’t be afraid to start delegating now.

You don’t need to hit a certain profit margin or wait an arbitrary amount of time to invest in building a team of like-minded individuals who are ready and willing to help you accomplish your goals. Hiring a team is an investment, and the sooner you make that investment, the sooner you will see returns on it!

However, simply paying people to do the things you don’t have time for isn’t the way to build a six-figure coaching business, either. To enjoy the true benefits that only an effective, enthusiastic team can offer, you’ll need to invest in yourself, as well. That is, you’ll need to invest the time and effort to learn how to be an effective leader to your new team.

Leadership is a new role that you may not be familiar or comfortable with, coming from psychotherapy. However, it’s not optional. Why? As a coach, you are your brand. The individuals representing your brand are also representing you. To best do so, the people you hire should feel that they truly are part of an equitable, egalitarian team. They must take pride and ownership in the success of your coaching business.

They can’t do that without your good example, though! So, embrace your new role. Embody the mighty, visionary, savvy CEO that both your business and your team need you to be.  

Not sure leadership comes naturally to you? Struggling with who to hire in the first place?

My Mastermind Group Coaching program may be right for you!

In it, I’ll help you make the necessary change in attitude to assume a leadership position, navigate tricky hiring decisions, and put the final finishing touches on your coaching venture – all in an in-depth, hands-on program. You’ll achieve all of this and more alongside 11 to 14 other uplifting, like-minded ladies hand-picked to be part of this unique and exciting experience!

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