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I’m Excited to Help You…


√ Learn How to Use Your Valuable Experience in a New Career in Coaching


√ Build a Business Model that Brings in a Steady Stream of Clients


√ Create a New Life Where You Work Less and Get Paid More


You’re ready to take the next step. As a therapist you love what you do… but the job just isn’t loving you back.

But there is an antidote to the insurance hassles, long hours, stressful workdays, and other elements that go along with being a psychotherapist.


By leveraging skills you already have – and adding new expertise in the growing field of coaching – you can escape.


You’ll be helping people fulfill their dreams in career advancement, entrepreneurship, weight loss, health, goal achievement, spirituality,and more… along the way potentially making a six-figure income.

As a 14-year veteran psychotherapist who developed my own thriving coaching business, I “know the ropes” when it comes to making that transition. I’ve broken it all down step-by-step, so anyone, whether you have any past business or marketing experience, can do what I did.